Gun Cleaning Patches – Recommended

Gun Cleaning Patches – Recommended

I have been using and testing gun cleaning patches for over 30 years. I’ve tried just about every brand that I could find and have made some out of old T-shirts and socks. Some are very good while others not so good. My homemade patches were not so good.

There is only one brand that I still use today and that is Southern Bloomer gun cleaning patches. They are very soft, absorbent and lint/string free. The product is excellent and so is the company. I had several email exchanges with the owner and he is awesome. Southern Bloomer is an excellent manufacturer with top customer service. There are none better. I highly recommend them!

Gun Cleaning Patches - Southern Bloomer

What Makes Good Gun Cleaning Patches?

Another hard to find feature in gun cleaning patches is “not falling apart” while in use. A lot of patches tear or fall apart while pushed through a barrel bore. Sometimes the jag will push through the patch and leave part or all of the patch in the bore. Southern Bloomer patches are tough yet soft. They hold a good amount of gun cleaner and dirt and grime too. They seem to “scrub” the bore better than other patches. They leave it “squeaky clean”.

gun cleaning patches from Southern Bloomer

Here are a few Southern Bloomer gun cleaning patches. Notice… no lint or strings and the fine cotton knit. They really clean well. You will be surprised at how much gun cleaner or gun oil these patches will hold.

I’ve had some patches that did not absorb gun oil. I placed a few drops of gun oil on a patch and the oil just sat on top of the patch. It never soaked in. That’s not a good gun cleaning patch. If oil does not soak in neither will dirt or grime.

Southern Bloomer gun cleaning patches come in many different sizes from 22 cal up to 12 gauge shotgun patches. You can buy small bags or bags of 1000 patches. They are very inexpensive too. You can’t go wrong with them. Try them!! **** Here is a link….Buy Now at

Southern Bloomer Shotgun Cleaning Patches

I can’t say enough good things about Southern Bloomer Mfg. I love their patches and customer service. It doesn’t get any better.

Southern Bloomer patches are made from a soft cotton knit…like t-shirts and underwear material…soft and absorbent. That’s funny because that’s how Southern Bloomer Mfg started…they made panties and night shirts for the Federal prisons. One day they took the scrap material from production and made cleaning patches from them. The rest is history.

Cotton knit patches work really well for cleaning guns and just about anything. The cotton knit is very absorbent so it holds a lot of cleaner or oil. It’s also lint free and tough. They won’t fall apart when cleaning a gun barrel and actually help scrub it clean.

So how hard is it to make a good cleaning patch?

…you might think it’s very easy but I’ve used many patches and some flat out suck. Some don’t hold oil or cleaner and some leave lint inside the barrel. And then some tear when putting them on the end of a jag.

Southern Bloomer shotgun patches are tops. They’re nice and big and make cleaning a shotgun quick and easy. I usually only have to use 3 or 4 and my shotgun bore is shiny clean. I use the 3 x 3 size for my 12 gauge. You get 500 to a bag which will last you a long time. Here’s a link to buy them online…Southern Bloomer Shotgun Patches 3×3/500 bag at


Best Gun Cleaning Rags 2016

I really love Southern Bloomer Mfg.

Patches are not patches!

I’ve tried many over the past 30 years and most fall apart and leave lint on your gun and in your barrel. Gun cleaning rags are the same way…some are good while others not so good.

Southern Bloomer gun cleaning rags are AWESOME!

Southern Bloomer Mfg Gun Cleaning Rags

The very same quality that goes into their patches, goes into their gun cleaning rags. The “Classy Rag” is 12″ x 12″ which is the perfect all purpose size for gun maintenance. I typically use more rags than patches when cleaning my guns. I use a rag to do all my gun cleaning except for the bore. It’s just easier to hold a rag than a small patch.

The “Classy Rag” is a cotton knit that is very absorbent, does NOT fall apart and scrubs metal surfaces very well. They actually make cleaning more efficient.

Here is a link where you can buy them online….Southern Bloomer Classy Rags at