What is Remington Rem Oil Used For?

What is Remington Rem Oil used for?

Remington’s Rem Oil is a superior lubricant for firearms or other machinery. Rem Oil is a petroleum based lubricant with a Teflon lubricant added. It not only lubricates but also cleans fouling, dirt and debris from gun actions, barrels and trigger assemblies. Rem Oil goes on wet with a very low viscosity (very thin consistency) but shortly dries and provides a long lasting dry film.

I have tested Rem Oil for its cleaning abilities and lubrication and it does very well especially lubrication. It’s very slippery and not does gum up or get sticky with age. I like how thin it is. It seeps into all cracks and crevices and the pores too.

Here’s my gun cleaning test featuring Rem Oil.

Here’s the carbon and powder fouling to be cleaned.

I soaked the carbon fouling with Rem Oil and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I used a few patches to wipe it clean.

You can see that most of the carbon wiped off easily, Rem Oil does clean but not as well as a straight gun cleaner like M-Pro 7 or Hoppe’s Elite.

Best Gun Oil for the AR-15 Rifle

Is there a best gun oil for the AR-15 rifle?

I think so. The AR-15 rifle has fairly tight tolerance and so you need a thinner oil that can get into and stay in tight places. I have had 2 AR-15’s (Stag Arms T2 and Smith & Wesson M&P 15) and tried many gun oils on them. Both of these rifles were 100% reliable with zero failures regardless of lubricant.

So what gun oil did I like and use? I first used BreakFree CLP for about a year and then switched to Hoppe’s No 9 Synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil. The reason I switched was not because BreakFree CLP failed but because I physically tested the 2 lubricants with 2 pieces of metal and the Hoppe’s No 9 Synthetic Blend gun oil felt a lot more slipperier. Synthetic oils reduce friction and wear more than conventional oils.

I want to say one more thing about firearm lubrication and that is that most gun oils are better than CLP’s at lubrication and synthetic oils are better than traditional petroleum oils. If you’re looking for a dry lubricant, Hornady One Shot is excellent. It is extremely slippery and easy to apply.

If you are looking for a good gun oil or lubricant, here is a link…Gun Oils and lubricants at Amazon.com

Hoppe’s Black Precision Gun Oil – New 2017

Hoppe’s keeps on pushing the edge with gun maintenance products. Their latest line of high performance products is named “Black”…as in “black rifles”. These products which include the Black Gun Cleaner, Black Precision Oil, Black Copper Cleaner, Black Gun Grease and Black Lubricating Cloths are designed for extreme environments.

The Hoppe’s Black Precision Oil is a high tech lubricant formulated specifically for combat type environments where hundreds of rounds are fired in a short period of time. The Black Precision Oil has an extreme temperature range of -65 F to 540 F. Semi auto weapon barrels can easily reach the 500 degree mark in no time at all and even surpass this. The Black Precision Oil also has an excellent corrosion inhibitor to protect metal surfaces for long periods of time.

Hoppe’s Black High Performance Precision Oil is ideal for AR and AK type rifles where metal surfaces (barrels and bolts) can easily reach 400-500 degrees. If you want to try Hoppe’s new Black Precision Oil, here is a link…Hoppe’s Black High Performance Precision Oil at Amazon.com.

Best Gun Oil for Shotguns 2017

I received several emails from readers asking, “What the best gun oil for shotguns?”

Shotguns are typically easier to lubricate well than rifles and handguns. Shotgun tolerances are bigger than most rifles and handguns making them easier to keep functioning smoothly. Shotgun powder is faster burning which tends to leave less un-burned powder in the barrel and action. Shotguns are much cleaner shooting than rifles and handguns. So lubrication is much easier.

OK…so let’s now talk about gun oils for shotguns. I think a slightly thinner oil works better on shotguns. Something like Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner with DynaGlide Plus and Remington Rem Oil. Thinner oils tend to penetrate and seep into hard to get to areas better than thicker oils and greases. I also like spray can applicators like the Hornady One Shot. It allows you to spray oil into hard to reach areas.

Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner with Dynaglide Plus is an Extremely slippery gun oil/cleaner. I’ve tested many oils and Hornady One Shot is at the top of the list. I also love the spray can type applicator. You can spray a light coat on shotgun bolts, triggers and the inside of the barrel easily. After you apply One Shot, it will evaporate and leave a super slick dry film (DynaGlide plus) behind. It’s a great product for lubrication.


Remington Rem Oil was a real surprise to me when I did a friction and a wear test with it. I did not expect much from it because it is very cheap and there wasn’t much hype about it like some of the other gun oils. There isn’t any real marketing “push” behind it. But anyway, Rem Oil is AWESOME! It’s very slippery and thin in viscosity. It will keep shotguns functioning smoothly and reduce wear. It comes in a small squirt bottle that is easy to apply to patches or bore snakes. And I do recommend using a bore snake to clean shotguns. It’s SO EASY. And FAST. Here is a link where you can buy gun oils like Hornady One Shot and Rem Oil at a discount….Gun Lubrication products at Amazon.com

Here’s the Hoppe’s Viper Borensake. It makes cleaning shotguns a piece of cake. Want to try a borensake? Here’s a link…Boresnakes at Amazon.com


Best Gun Oil for Glock 2017

I’m hearing lots of questions like “What’s the best gun oil for the Glock pistol?”

I currently only have 1 Glock but did have 3 (G17, G21, G22) at one time. I love Glocks!!

I’ve also used a ton of different gun cleaners and gun oils on my Glocks.

So what worked the best?

Here are the gun oils that performed above average and that I would recommend. These oils are very slippery and will reduce metal wear considerably.

  1. M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX
  2. Hoppe’s No 9 Synthetic Lubricating Oil
  3. Remington Rem Oil

I have to say that when I tested Rem Oil, I didn’t expect much. It’s been around for a long time and is very cheap. I was however, surprised at how slippery it is. It’s also very thin. But don’t let that make you think it doesn’t lubricate well. It is excellent.

I have performed several lubrication tests with these oils and they are quite impressive. I have also used them on my guns with total satisfaction. If you are interested in buying any of these gun oils, here is link….Gun Lubricants at Amazon.com


Best Gun Oil for Rust Prevention

A popular question on gun forums seems to be…

“What is the best gun oil for rust prevention?”

What I have found to be the best rust or corrosion preventative is not actually an oil but a CLP. I’ve used and tested many gun oils, gun CLP’s and gun solvents over the past 30 years. I put many gun oils and gun CLP’s through several corrosion tests. I used tool steel and plain water and salt water. The water exposure lasted many days in the Arizona heat. See this test here

Anyway here is the best gun oil or rather best gun CLP for rust prevention….

…FrogLube CLP


Froglube CLP out performed every gun oil and gun CLP on the market. Froglube penetrates the pores of metals to form a barrier that is both slippery and resistant to moisture, dirt, fouling, etc. FrogLube CLP is an AWESOME rust preventative and lubricant. Here’s a tip on applying FrogLube that makes it perform even better…

…apply FrogLube CLP on a warm or hot gun. This allows the CLP to penetrate even further into the metal. I used a heat gun to heat up the slide and barrel of my Glock 22 to about 120 degrees. I then applied a very liberal amount of FrogLube and let it soak in until the metal cooled off. Then I applied a lighter coat and then wiped off any excess. If you’re interested in trying some FrogLube CLP, here is a link to buy some online….FrogLube CLP at Amazon.com

September Giveaway – MOA Gun Maintenance Kit

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The September Giveaway is a really nice gun maintenance kit from Molecular Advantage. MOA makes a super high tech lubricant formula unlike any other. This is space-age technology. If you like to use grease on your firearms then this is the best there is.

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MOA Gun Maintenance Kit

MOA Gun Maintenance Kit

MOA Gun Grease and Gun Oil

Here is the MOA gun oil (larger one) and gun grease in easy t apply syringes.

MOA Gun Maintenance Kit

Here’s the other components: Gun Conditioning Oil (on the right), Oil and Grease Remover, cotton tip applicators, nylon general purpose brush and gun cleaning rags.

Otis LTP or Long Term Protectant

If you want to store firearms for longer than a few months then you might want to protect them with something better than ordinary oil or grease. Cosmoline used to be the standard for long term protection but it’s not the best. Otis has something better…..LTP or Long Term Firearm Protectant.

Otis LTP Long Time Protectant

Otis LTP will displace moisture and prevent corrosion for up to 12 months. It leaves a thin waxy like film that forms a barrier against the elements. This is perfect for end of season firearm storage prep. Spray it on and store. Protect your firearms properly and they will function flawlessly every season. Get a can of LTP here….Otis LTP Long Term Firearm Protectant at Amazon.com

The Best Gun Oil 2016 – Friction Reduction

I am testing gun oils for friction reduction via an incline plane/sled setup. It’s a simple setup involving a 24″ long by 4″ wide 6061 T6 bar that has been filed true and polished to 400 grit. The sled is 1″ thick by 2″ wide and 4″ in length of the same material.

You can see/read more at this link….Friction Test Setup Post.

Anyway I wanted to list the results in order of friction reduction or the Best First. Here are 9 gun oils/lubricants that I tested so far. There are more to come.

  1. FrogLube CLP – 10.36 degrees
  2. Archoil AR4200 – 10.6 degrees
  3. FireClean Gun Oil – 10.77 degrees
  4. Ballistol – 11.36 degrees
  5. Break Free CLP – 11.9 degrees
  6. M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX – 12.8 degrees
  7. Rem Oil – 13.5 degrees
  8. Otis Bio CLP – 13.77 degree 
  9. Bare Metal (no lubricant) – 15 degrees
  10. WD-40 – 15.8 degrees

Archoil AR4200 friction test

G96 Gun Oil

G96 Gun Oil is the same product as the G96 Complete Gun Treatment but in liquid form instead of aerosol.

G96 Gun Oil is a cleaner, lubricant and protectant. It does a whole lot more than just lubricate unlike other gun oils. G96 Gun Oil contains a solvent that will remove powder fouling, lead fouling, copper fouling, dirt, grease, rust, corrosion and other contaminates/debris. Use it the exact same way as you would a gun cleaner or solvent. Put it on a clean patch and wipe the bore and then brush and then patch. Use it on trigger assemblies, rifle bolts and actions. It’s a very effective cleaner.

G96 Gun Oil is an advanced lubricant that will not freeze, oxidize, gum-up or evaporate. Wipe it on…let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe the excess off with a clean cloth or patch. It will minimize friction between all moving parts and reduce wear.

G96 Gun Oil is also a metal protectant. It will form a micro-thin barrier between metal surfaces and the elements. It will prevent corrosion from water, salt spray and human fingerprints. It’s also safe for polymer guns.

I ran across several gunsmiths and custom gun shops that use G96 to clean customer guns. They love it.

Shop for G96 Gun Cleaning products at Amazon.com

G96 Gun Oil