Can You Soak a Glock Barrel in M-Pro 7?

Yes, you can soak your Glock barrels in M-Pro 7 gun cleaner. I do this regularly. After I shoot my Glocks, I remove the barrels and drop them in a Tupperware container filled with M-Pro 7 gun cleaner. I let them soak for about 10 minutes and then run a few clean patches through the bore, then lubricate. Done.

Can M-Pro 7 Be Used on Muzzleloaders?

Yes, M-Pro 7 gun cleaner will clean any firearm that uses black powder.

The best way to clean a black powder gun is to first remove any unburnt powder by dry brushing the bore. Then spray a liberal amount of M-Pro 7 gun cleaner down the bore and let it soak for 10 minutes. Now you can run some clean patches down the bore. Done. You won’t need to use a bore brush.

What Type of Bore Brush Should I Use?

I have used many bore brushes in the past 30 years and from my experience the bronze bore brushes are the only ones to use. The nylon bore brushes do not work well at all. They fail to remove even carbon fouling let alone lead or copper. Stainless steel bore brushes may be OK but I just don’t like the fact that these are STEEL which is the same material the gun barrel is made from. I don’t know if a stainless steel bore brush can scratch the inside of a gun barrel??? I would rather stick with bronze since I know they work really well and will not scratch or damage a gun barrel. Bronze is softer than steel.

How Often Should a Gun Be Cleaned?

It really depends on the gun in question. If the gun is a self defense or duty handgun then I would clean it after every single shooting session. If the gun is for hunting then you should clean it when accuracy or reliability become compromised. My Browning Maxxus shotgun goes on many hunts before cleaning. I probably clean it once a year. It just doesn’t get that dirty.

Cleaning a gun insures functionality and accuracy. Todays primers and powders are non-corrosive and do not deposit large amounts of fouling. They are pretty clean burning.