Gun Cleaner vs Gun CLP – Cleaning Test

So which gun product cleans better…Cleaners or CLP’s??

Let’s test them to see which product cleans more effectively.

I use a simple gun cleaner test consisting of a flat steel bar, smokeless powder, cleaning patches and a gun cleaner or CLP. I burn 2 or 3 charges of smokeless powder on the steel bar and then apply a gun cleaner or CLP to the fouling. I let it soak for 10 minutes. After the 10 minute soak, I take several cleaning patches and wipe the area clean or at least attempt to.

First the Gun CLP – Breakfree CLP

Now let’s watch a straight gun cleaner at work – Mil Comm MC25 Gun Cleaner.

Hoppe’s GunMedic Cleaner and Lube Test Video

So how well does Hoppe’s GunMedic Cleaner and Lube work? The only way to really know the truth is to test it scientifically. If you watch someone clean a gun or barrel with a gun cleaner, can you really determine if the cleaner works well? NOT REALLY.

I do scientific tests when it comes to gun cleaners and gun oils. For gun cleaners, I burn some powder on a piece of metal and then clean it with a gun cleaner. You are able to see how well it works because everything is in the open unlike the bore of a gun barrel. It will either wipe clean easily or it won’t.

Here’s my Hoppe’s GunMedic Cleaner and Lube test video.