Otis Special Forces Dry Lube

Otis Special Forces Dry Lube is a new product featuring advanced technologies. This spray on lubricant dries in 20 seconds to form a non-stick barrier/film. Sand, dirt and other debris will not stick to it along with carbon and other particulate fouling.

Otis Special Forces Dry Lube Features

  • Reduces surface friction
  • Cleans
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Dries to form a barrier against sand, dirt, carbon, dust and grime
  • Easy spray aerosol can with pipe.

Otis Special Forces Dry Lube

Here’s a link if you’re interested in trying Otis Special Forces Dry Lube….Otis Special Forces Dry Lube at Amazon.com

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Archoil and Glock 22 Barrel After 100 Rounds

Archoil AR4200 is an excellent CLP.

Archoil AR4200 clp

I cleaned this Glock 22 barrel with Archoil AR4200 then went to the range and shot 100 rounds then took it home and here’s what it looks like…


You can see that the bore is still shiny which means there is still lubricant on the bore. And most of the fouling went straight out the barrel. This barrel hardly needs to be cleaned, even after 100 rounds. Archoil AR4200 repels fouling and does not burn off like other oils/lubricants.

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FrogLube CLP Paste

FrogLube CLP is simply one of the slipperiest (if that’s even a word) CLP’s I’ve ever used or tested….BAR NONE!

Frog Lube CLP Paste

I’ve performed several friction and metal wear tests along with function tests with 2 Glocks and nothing….and I MEAN NOTHING beats FrogLube CLP for lubrication/friction reduction.

That’s only part of the package….FrogLube CLP is also non-toxic and has a mild pleasant minty smell. It’s actually USDA approved as a Bio Preferred product too. So it’s totally safe for humans or animals.

Did I also say that it cleans extremely well and will protect metal surfaces from corrosion for weeks?..even when exposed to water.

FrogLube is available as a liquid or paste. The paste is great for bore brushes. It sticks to the bristles and gets applied to the bore more easily. You can also apply it to patches or rags when cleaning or protecting all metal surfaces on firearms. The paste stays put whereas liquids tend to run or drip.

Check out FrogLube products here….FrogLube CLP products at Amazon.com

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New Gun Cleaner from Hoppe’s – Gun Medic

Hoppe’s Gun Medic Cleaner and Lube is a brand new product for 2016. Hoppe’s responded to the need for a “in the filed” quick cleaner/lubricant. Hoppe’s created an aerosol cleaner and lubricant that is sprayed on gun actions in the field. No need for cleaning rods, patches or jags. Just spray it on any action and then cycle it… and you’re good to go. The cleaner evaporates quickly leaving the lubricant behind.

Hoppes Gun Medic Cleaner and Lube

This is a very useful product for semi automatic weapons like AR-15s, auto loader shotguns and 1911 handguns. It is a quick fix for the field and not a regular thorough cleaning. Here is a link, if you are interested in this product…Hoppe’s Gun Medic Cleaner and Lube at Amazon.com

Hoppe’s Gun Medic Cleaner & Lube Corrosion Test

Does Hoppe’s Gun Medic provide any protection from corrosion?

Let’s put it to a corrosion test and see what happens.

My corrosion test is simple. I use a bare steel bar and apply the Gun Medic to it. Then I leave the test metal bar outside in the desert elements. In order to really test the corrosion resistance and accelerate the test, I’ll spray water on the treated metal every other day.

Let’s take a look at the corrosion test setup.

Here’s the Gun Medic and bare steel bar that has been cleaned with Mil Comm MC25 to ensure it was totally clean.

Here’s the steel bar…no rust or bluing…just bare steel.

I used a quick spray to apply the Gun Medic to the metal bar. I then used 2 cleaning patches to spread the Gun Medic evenly as you can see by the wet patch. The spray from the can is under high pressure and is great for blasting debris out of your guns.

Here is the treated test steel bar. Let’s spray it with some water and let it sit outside in the desert environment. The temperature range was 65-108 degrees F.

One squirt of water. It beaded up very nicely. Let’s take a closer look.

That looks good. The water beads because the Gun Medic is repelling the water. Now let’s see what happens after 24 hours.

24 Hours Later – Hoppe’s Gun Medic Corrosion Test

Here is what the steel bar looks like after 24 hours with 1 spray of water. You can see there is rust in the exact spots where the water beads were. Hoppe’s Gun Medic does not provide long lasting corrosion protection but it’s a cleaner & lubricant. Just make sure that’s all you need when you buy Hoppe’s Gun Medic. I will be testing it’s cleaner abilities shortly.


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G96 Triple Action Complete Gun Treatment

I was watching a few gunsmithing videos today and noticed that some of them regularly use G96 Gun Treatment on rifle trigger assemblies. One of the gunsmiths was Brock & Norris (http://www.brockandnorris.com/). They were working on a customer’s gun which entailed disassembly and inspection. The trigger assembly was removed and sprayed down with G96 Gun Treatment. The trigger assembly was then blown out with compressed air. The result was a crisp and clean…like new…trigger assembly. Pretty amazing stuff.

G96 Gun Treatment

So what is G96 Complete Gun Treatment?

Well…in short, it’s a CLP or cleaner, lubricant and protectant. It will clean all dirt, gun powder, fouling and rust from metal surfaces (polymer safe too). At the same time it lubricates and will not gum up, freeze, oxidize or evaporate. It has been tested from 350 F to  -50 F without failure. G96 Gun Treatment also provides a protective barrier against moisture, salt spray and fingerprints. It does not have a strong chemical odor but do wear protective gloves when using it.

How to Use G96 Complete Gun Treatment

Spray G96 Complete Gun Treatment on any surface to be cleaned. Let it soak for 60 seconds and then wipe off with a clean dry cloth. Simple yet very effective.

You can shop for G96 Complete Gun Treatment at Amazon.com 

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Real Avid Zipmax Gun CLP

OK…I really like Real Avid gun cleaning kits. They’re cool, effective and very compact and oh…very affordable. Now I found something new from Real Avid…..Zipmax CLP.

Real Avid Zipmax CLP is a gun cleaner, lubricant and protectant with a synthetic based oil, special cleaning compounds and lubrication additives…OH and NO SMELL. It cleans on a microscopic level where it “seasons” the gun metal surface which will make future cleanings easier and faster. It works very similar to M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner. Zipmax CLP penetrates up to 4 microns deep.

Real Avid Zipmax Gun CLP

Real Avid Zipmax CLP loosens carbon, copper, plastic, lead, powder, black powder and rust from any metal surface. It’s an “All-in-One” gun maintenance solution. Zipmax CLP evaporates in a short period of time and leaves no residue.

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A Second Look at Weapon Shield CLP

I used Weapon Shield CLP on all my firearms about 2 years ago but stopped to give FrogLube a try. I have since dropped Froglube and have been trying various products like BreakFree CLP, Remington Rem Oil, Ballistol CLP and M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner and LPX. These all work very well but I ran into a video that rekindled my interest in Weapon Shield CLP.

Weapon Shield Solvent and CLP

If you want to try Weapon Shield CLP, here is a link where you can buy it online…Buy Weapon Shield CLP/Solvent at Amazon.com

Here is the video that made me rethink my primary gun CLP. It’s a friction test comparing Weapon Shield CLP to BreakFree CLP and Otis Elite Gun Oil.

I found it amazing how Breakfree CLP and Otis Elite Gun Oil fail quickly and Weapon Shield CLP does not fail at a much higher load. This test is not a real gun scenario test like firing a gun until it fails but you have to admit it certainly does test lubricity and friction.

Weapon Shield does indeed lubricate much better than any other product tested and many other oils, lubricants and CLPs were tested including Froglube CLP, Fireclean CLP, Slip 2000 EWL, Lucas Gun Oil, G-96, synthetic motor oil, and Gunbutter. All other products cause the Falex Lubricant Test machine to seize up and smoke.

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Grizzly Gun Lube & CLP

Grizzly Lube CLP is my kind of product. I took one look at the front label and I found the following, “USDA Certified Biobased Product”. I really try to use “Safe” gun cleaning products but sometimes it’s hard. I do use M-Pro7 most of the time when I’m not testing other gun cleaning and lubricating products. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Grizzly Gun Lube CLP

Grizzly Lube CLP is not just a lube but also a cleaner and protectant like most gun CLP’s. It meets Mil-Spec standards also. Which is very good. I also like the fact that Grizzle Lube “seasons” metal surfaces so they resist fouling and dirt accumulation and make future cleanings easier and faster. That’s a big plus!

From reading reviews, most users said it cleaned as well as other CLPs but they liked the fact that is was non-toxic and a USDA Certified Biobased Product However some were not too crazy about the strong scent. Apparently it’s quite MINTY. Grizzly Lube CLP is also thick so it may be harder to get it into tight areas. I prefer thin CLPs and gun cleaners. I prefer something like M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner (watery consistency) that will soak into a patch and for that matter soak into the barrel fouling. A paste or thick CLP will sit on top of the fouling. That’s my opinion though.

It may be beneficial to use Grizzly Lube CLP on warm or hot guns. This will thin the viscosity of the CLP so it will soak/penetrate better. It is always better to clean a warm gun than cold…with any cleaner. Warm metal has open pores versus cold metal with closed pores. Fouling is easier to remove when the gun is warm.

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Weapon Shield Vs FireClean Friction Test

The following video is presented by George Fennel of Steel Shield Technologies maker of Weapon Shield CLP. He performs a scientific friction test with FireClean CLP and Weapon Shield CLP. There are 2 potential flaws that I see in the test but they may or may not make the test invalid. The first flaw is George applied too much FireClean CLP to the metal bearing surface. He poured it very liberally all over the bearing surface. That’s way too much. In my opinion, he should have applied it liberally and then wiped off the excess and then started the test however he did the same with Weapon Shield and it out performed FireClean CLP anyway.

The 2nd flaw as far as scientific testing goes is the testing surfaces were not cleaned off before trying the next product. He wiped off the bearing surfaces with a paper towel. This does not totally remove oil from a metal surface. Only a solvent will remove all traces of an oil or lubricant. So I have some doubts about this test but I have used Weapon Shield and it does work very well.

***I have to admit, Weapon Shield was able to reduce friction much more than any other product tested. All products that were tested were applied the exact same way.

Anyway here is the test video from Steel Shield Tech.

Weapon Shield Solvent and CLP

Weapon Shield Solvent and CLP in a Maintenance Pack available at Amazon.com

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Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner

Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner with Dynaglide Plus

When I first heard about Hornady One Shot gun cleaner I kind of laughed to myself. “Hornady is making gun cleaning products….yea right…nice try”. I thought is was another gimmicky gun cleaner. Boy was I wrong!!!

After I read a detailed friction coefficient test (see test link below), I realized that Hornady One Shot is pretty awesome as a lubricant. It actually proved to be one of the best lubricants along with Barricade and WD-40.

Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner is a CLP for all intents and purposes. It cleans, lubricates and protects metal surfaces. The interesting aspect of One Shot is the fact that it dries after being applied. A dry lubricant has advantages over wet lubricates. Dry lubes don’t burn off or migrate or run. Dry lubes don’t attract debris, dirt or carbon fouling. Dry lubes are great barriers that stop things from sticking. This makes gun cleaning faster and easier.

Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner passed the salt spray test for the US and NATO military. I think the minimum was 100 hours in salt spray. One Shot was 2x as effective at resisting corrosion (200 hours).

Here is a link to a very detailed test of 46 gun lubricates and CLP’s….Comprehensive Corrosion Test of 46 gun products

Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner and lube.

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