Froglube CLP Gumming Up

Have you experienced Froglube CLP gumming up on your firearms?

I have and I found out why on the website. Apparently if there is any petroleum based oils or cleaners still present on the firearm when you applied the Froglube CLP, you will experience some gummy and/or stickiness. This is a reaction between Froglube and the petroleum products. The best thing to do is do a really thorough cleaning with a good gun cleaner and then Froglube Solvent. Clean it several times to make sure it’s absolutely clean. Now apply the Froglube CLP as directed.

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Froglube CLP Wipes

Froglube CLP wipes are super handy to have in the field or at the range. Froglube CLP wipes are cleaning patches pre-treated with the famous Froglube CLP product. You can pull one out and quickly wipe your gun’s action or barrel down which will clean, lubricate and protect the surface from wear, corrosion and fowling.

Froglube CLP is an excellent gun maintenance product that offers 3 products in one. It is an oil, gun cleaner and corrosion inhibitor. No need to buy 3 gun maintenance products for your firearms anymore.

If you want to pick a few of these packs up, here is a link…Froglube CLP Wipes at

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