Is Ballistol CLP Safe?

Here’s another frequently asked question, Is Ballistol CLP safe?

Well…that depends on how you use it.

If you use Ballistol as directed, it is safe. However there is a Danger warning label on the can. Let’s take a look.

It reads…Danger: Extremely Flammable Contents Under Pressure Harmful or Fatal If Swallowed.

So if you get Ballistol in your mouth, eyes, nose or in your bloodstream it is Not Safe. I’m not crazy about the classification of “Skin Safe and Eco Friendly” or the “Non toxic If Used as Directed”. I say, if the product can harm you, it is not Safe. It’s like saying Arsenic or Plutonium is Safe if you wear protection while handling it. That’s crazy!

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Is Breakfree CLP Toxic?

Is Break Free CLP toxic?

Let’s define Toxic so there are no misunderstandings.

Toxic – to cause harm to or death

Now let’s look at the Warning Label on the Breakfree CLP can.

The Warning Label says: Danger:Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed Contents Under Pressure Keep Out of Reach of Children.

Even though it looks quite obvious that Breakfree CLP is Toxic BUT only if it is swallowed or inhaled or any method where the product enters the human body. If used as directed (eye and skin protection), it is safe or non-toxic to use.


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