Best Gun Cleaning Cloths-what to buy

The Best Gun Cleaning Cloths; Does yours spread dirt or pick it up?

…don’t spread dirt all over your guns. The best gun cleaning cloths (microfiber) won’t do this.

…pickup dirt like a magnet with the right cloth

Best Gun Cleaning Cloth Features

  • Microfiber Material – picks up and holds dirt
  • Lint Free – prevents lint and threads from getting in your guns
  • Colored – use different colors for cleaning, dusting or lubricating.
  • Multiple Sizes – 12 x 12, 18 x 18 or 24 x 24…smaller sizes for smaller guns or parts and larger for large parts like gun stocks or shotgun barrels
  • Cheap – 20 piece bundle for $22…will last many years of cleaning multiple guns. You can wash them too!

The Rag Company Microfiber Gun Cleaning Cloth Reviews

This was my first time buying gun cleaning rags, but as far as I can tell it has everything a person could want. Rags seem to be of high quality and don’t leave lint strands behind, which was the reason I got them.

Tons of rags for a good price. It includes microfiber rags that are very plush, so you don’t have to worry about damaging very delicate finishes to your firearm. It also includes large and small suede microfiber cloths that are very useful for polishing shiny firearms/parts, and are really great for cleaning scopes and different optics.

Spend a couple bucks more than you were planning for 2 rags, and get a whole kit of them. Top quality, they work great, and I am set for a long time. These are awesome!

microfiber gun cleaning cloths

Here is a link where you can shop for gun cleaning cloths at bargain prices…Shop on

The Classy Rag from Southern Bloomer.

Classy Rag Features

  • 100% cotton – won’t scratch, very absorbent and lint free
  • Strong cotton weave – won’t fall apart or tear easily
  • Size – 12 x 12 squares are perfect for most gun cleaning
  • Cheap – bag of 12 for about $8.00
  • White – easy to tell when it’s dirty – machine washable too
  • A++ customer service – unhappy with your purchase?…contact Southern Bloomer and they will take care of you.

Southern Bloomer also makes some of the best gun cleaning patches.

The Classy Rag - best gun cleaning cloths

You can buy these here….Buy at

Top Gun Cleaning Cloth

Gun Cleaning Cloth

I have bought and used many different gun cleaning cloths in the past 30 years and so I have a good idea which are good and which are not so good. I have even made my own from old bath towels, T-shirts and socks. They work but are not optimal. Lint and strings are not helpful in the gun cleaning process.

The one gun cleaning cloth that I have stuck with for the past 3 years is Southern Bloomer’s Classy Rag. They come in a bag of 12 and the size is 12″ x 12″…so they are 1 square foot. This size is perfect for cleaning gun exteriors and parts. It’s not too big like a towel and not too small like a gun cleaning patch.

Southern Bloomer’s gun cleaning cloths are lint and string free. They are manufactured from 100% cotton knit. They are super soft and super absorbent unlike any other gun cleaning cloth.

**** You can buy any of these gun cleaning items here…Shop Now at

Here is a bag of Classy Rags from Southern Bloomer along with 2 bags of gun cleaning patches, which are the best patches I’ve ever used..

Gun Cleaning Rags

Gun cleaning rags are usually a different material and purpose than gun cleaning cloths…my definition anyway. They are usually microfiber material because it pickups and holds dust and dirt like a magnet. I use rags for dusting and light cleaning only and not for oily/greasy actions or bolts or handgun slides. They are too soft for hardcore cleaning. They are however excellent for wiping down gun stocks, barrels and actions to remove dust, dirt and fingerprints.

You can use any microfiber gun cleaning rags but I really like “The Rag Company’s”  “Ultimate Professional Microfiber Gun Cleaning & Maintenance Kit”. This is a 20 piece microfiber gun rag kit that includes the following cleaning rags.

  • 6 Dark Grey and 6 Black 10″ x 10″ Microfiber Terry towels for all-purpose cleaning
  • 1 Grey and 1 Black 12″ x 12″ silky soft Microfiber suede cloths for cleaning/polishing/buffing metals & optics
  • 6 Light Grey, White, and/or Black (depending upon color availability)
  • 6″ x 7″ knit Microfiber lens cloths for use on all optics and smaller gun parts

Gun Cleaning Wipes

There are several gun cleaning wipes available that are pretreated with gun cleaner and/or gun oil. They can be very useful in the field where it’s quick and easy to grab one and wipe your gun down. Remington makes Rem Oil Wipes and Hoppes make their No. 9 Lubricating Gun Oil Field Wipes and of course don’t forget about Froglube CLP Wipes, Breakfree CLP Wipes and Ballistol Gun Wipes too. These are very handy to have around!

Gun Cleaning Towels

Gun cleaning towels are usually larger in size than cleaning cloths and rags. My gun cleaning towels are 16 x 16 and 24 x 24 and are microfiber. You can use gun cleaning towels for wiping down larger guns like shotguns and rifles after hunting or shooting. I also use them to clean my handguns on. I spread one out and then field strip my Glock on it. I like to use light colored towels because it makes it easy to spot small gun parts. Don’t use a black towel. Cleaning your guns on top of a gun cleaning towel stops oil and gun cleaners from getting on the floor or table. It will protect whatever you clean your gun on. it also stop round parts from rolling and getting lost.

These are from The Rag Company. I use white just because its easy to see small parts on. This is a 12 pack of 16 x 16 microfiber towels. You can wash them many times, so they will last a really long time.

Gun Cleaning Cloth – Microfiber Towel Kit

Ultimate Gun Cleaning Cloth Kit – microfiber towels

I absolutely love using microfiber towels on my car. Little did I know they work equally well on firearms. Microfiber gun cleaning cloths pickup and hold dirt and dust better than any other fabric. They are also very soft and absorbent.

I started using microfiber towels/cloths for gun cleaning and I really like The Rag Company, and there are other great options, because a Customised towel is a great gift for outdoor corporate activities or family days. They make an excellent gun cleaning cloth plus offer a gun cleaning towel kit which includes 20 cloths of varying sizes and colors, and there are also other options, . Here is what you get….

  • (6) Dark Grey
  • (6) Black 10″ x 10″ microfiber terry towels for all purpose cleaning
  • (1) Grey and (1) Black 12″ x 12″ silky soft microfiber suede cloths for cleaning/polishing/buffing all metals & optics
  • Variety of (6) Light Grey, White, and/or Black (depending upon color availability)
  • 6″ x 7″ knit microfiber lens cloths for use on all optics and smaller parts/pieces

I really like having different color gun cleaning cloths. I use different colors for different tasks. I use the darker colors for the heavy cleaning duties and white or light Grey for dusting or light cleaning. By doing this, I don’t use a heavy cleaning cloth for dusting which might spread dirt and oil around instead of picking it up. You can buy them here….Buy Now at

Gun Cleaning Cloth Kit - The Rag Company

Gun Cleaning Cloth – Southern Bloomer

Gun Cleaning Cloth from Southern Bloomer

I’ve used all kinds of gun cleaning cloths in the past from old socks to T-shirts to old towels and shop towels. I never specifically bought a gun cleaning cloth before until I ran into Southern Bloomer and their gun cleaning patches.

Gun cleaning cloth from Southern Bloomer

Here was one of my Gun Cleaning Give-Aways.

Why Southern Bloomer Gun Cleaning Cloth?

I fell in love with Southern Bloomer patches and then noticed their gun cleaning cloth. And actually what happened was I posted a “give-away” on this blog and Southern Bloomer gave me some products to include in the “give-away”. There were 2 packages of gun cleaning cloths for the product sponsorship. Ever since then I started buying them. Southern Bloomer is a fantastic company with fantastic products. You have to try them!

Gun Cleaning Cloth Materials

I know quite a few people use T-shirts. The problem I had with these is they leave lint and threads on your gun and in the barrel. That’s not ideal. You may think you can use any material for gun cleaning buy it’s not always ideal. Some materials absorb better than others. Cotton knit is far superior to terry cloth for absorbing liquids. Terry cloth doesn’t pickup dust very well either.

Southern Bloomer Products

The Southern Bloomer gun cleaning cloth and patch are made from a super soft and absorbent 100% cotton knit. It has no lint or strings. It is the perfect material for gun cleaning. It absorbs liquids better than any other patch or cloth plus picks up and holds dirt and dust like a magnet. I found nothing better.

Southern Bloomer gun cleaning cloths are the best. You can buy them here…Buy Now at

Best gun cleaning cloth - Southern Bloomer


Hoppe’s Triple Threat Gun Cleaning Cloth

Need a great cloth to wipe off your guns after cleaning or handling or storing them? Need to remove fingerprints?

Here’s the perfect solution…

The Hoppe’s Triple Threat Gun Cleaning Cloth is made from 3 fabrics; cotton, flannel and polyester. It’s the perfect cleaning cloth. It’s safe for metal, plastics and wood and will remove fingerprints, dust, dirt, moisture and gun cleaner. Keep it in your gun case for easy access. It’s a larger cloth measuring 11″ x 14″ (Hoppe’s Triple Threat Cloth at

Here’s a Hoppe’s Demo video of the Triple Threat Cloth.

Gun Cleaning Rags 14×14

Rags are a must have when cleaning guns. I use rags to not only wipe off my firearms but also to lay disassembled gun parts on and to protect guns from scratches from a hard tile floor or metal table. They also come in handy to wipe off your gun cleaning table when you’re done. I always take at least one rag to the range. They always seem to come in handy.

Here’s a rag company that offers awesome microfiber rags… when you run out of old socks and t-shirts. 14 x 14 or 16 x 16 work perfectly. The Rag Company Microfiber cleaning rags at