Hoppe’s Triple Threat Gun Cleaning Cloth

Need a great cloth to wipe off your guns after cleaning or handling or storing them? Need to remove fingerprints?

Here’s the perfect solution…

The Hoppe’s Triple Threat Gun Cleaning Cloth is made from 3 fabrics; cotton, flannel and polyester. It’s the perfect cleaning cloth. It’s safe for metal, plastics and wood and will remove fingerprints, dust, dirt, moisture and gun cleaner. Keep it in your gun case for easy access. It’s a larger cloth measuring 11″ x 14″ (Hoppe’s Triple Threat Cloth at Amazon.com).

Here’s a Hoppe’s Demo video of the Triple Threat Cloth.

Gun Cleaning Rags 14×14

Rags are a must have when cleaning guns. I use rags to not only wipe off my firearms but also to lay disassembled gun parts on and to protect guns from scratches from a hard tile floor or metal table. They also come in handy to wipe off your gun cleaning table when you’re done. I always take at least one rag to the range. They always seem to come in handy.

Here’s a rag company that offers awesome microfiber rags… when you run out of old socks and t-shirts. 14 x 14 or 16 x 16 work perfectly. The Rag Company Microfiber cleaning rags at Amazon.com