Wheeler 89 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

I can’t put enough emphasis on using gunsmith screwdrivers instead of household screwdrivers on firearms. I’ve ruined many screws with ordinary screwdrivers but no more.

Gunsmith screwdrivers are made different and fit firearm screws perfectly so you don’t strip out the slot/head and they are not expensive so there is no reason not to have a good set.

Here is an example of an inexpensive set of gunsmith screwdrivers from Wheeler.

Wheeler 89 piece gunsmith screwdriver set

This is a huge gunsmith screwdriver set with 89 pieces in an organized case…and all for about $66. This screwdriver set even comes with some specialty tips.

Wheeler 89 piece gunsmith screwdriver set-1

These come in handy if you maintain a lot of different firearms. If you’re interested, here is a link to get this gunsmith screwdriver set…Wheeler 89 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set at Amazon.com

Real Avid AR-15 Scraper Tool

If you own an AR-15 then you should definitely own an AR-15 Scraper Tool. They make maintaining the AR-15 much easier and faster. And the Real Avid AR-15 Scraper Tool is a very good one. Here is a link where you can buy one cheap…Real Avid AR-15 Scraper Tool at Amazon.com

Real Avid AR-15 Scraper Tool

Let’s discuss what the AR-15 Scraper Tool can do for you:

  • Quickly cleans 15 critical surfaces on the bolt carrier group
  • Scrapes off heavy fouling in seconds
  • Speed-cleans all 4 major parts of the bolt carrier group – the bolt, firing pin, bolt carrier and bolt cam pin
  • The swivel cover protects your hand from the double ended scraping edges.

Real Avid AR-15 Scraper Tool-1

Real Avid AR-15 Scraper Tool-2

Real Avid AR-15 Scraper Tool-3

Real Avid AR-15 Scraper Tool-4

Real Avid AR-15 Scraper Tool-5

Real Avid AR-15 Scraper Tool-6

Gunslick Gun Maintenance Center w/ Vise

The Gunslick Gun Maintenance Center is a really nice tool to have for cleaning and maintaining rifles and shotguns. A gun vise makes gun cleaning and gun maintenance so much easier. It’s like having another person helping you clean your guns.

Gunslick Gun Maintenance Center Vise

Not only does the Gunslick Gun Maintenance Center hold your gun but it also holds all of your gun cleaning supplies too. It’s a total gun cleaning organizer.  Let’s list some of the benefits of this gun cleaning center.

  • 2 drawers that can hold lots of small items like bore brushes, patches, utility brushes, pics, Q-Tips, etc
  • Gun Vise securely holds any rifle or shotgun
  • Cleaning rod holder keeps it handy and clean
  • Various pockets/cutouts to hold your gun cleaning supplies in front of your gun
  • Gun cleaning center prevents gun solvent or lubricate from dripping on the floor or table.
  • Synthetic construction makes it sturdy yet light weight.
  • Great price…under $70

Buy the Gunslick Match-Grade Gun Maintenance Center at Amazon.com

Real Avid 1911 Pistol Tool

A really handy tool to have that will help with field stripping, adjusting sights/optics and cleaning a pistol or even a rifle is the Real Avid Pistol Tool. It’s like a Gerber Multi-tool but for guns. Let’s take a look at it and then list the features.

Real Avid 1911 Pistol Tool

The Real Avid Pistol Tool opened.

Here are the features.

  • 1911 Gov’t and Officer bushing wrench
  • 4 Hex Keys to help adjust sights etc.
  • Stainless steel pick/scraper
  • 3/32″ pin punch
  • 3″ Tanto knife blade
  • 2.5″ long bit driver
  • 6 driver bits
  • Fine tooth metal file
  • Tap hammer surface

Real Avid 1911 Pistol Tool-1

Real Avid Pistol Tool in closed position. It is a very handy tool to carry in your range bag or hunting backpack or bug-out bag or even in your car. I can see many uses for this tool. If you are interested in getting one of these here is a,link where you can buy it online…Buy the Real Avid The Pistol Tool at Amazon.com

AR-15 Armorer’s Professional Tool Kit

If you are an AR-15 aficionado then you probably would benefit highly from an AR-15 Armorer’s tool kit. These kits include every tool necessary to work on an AR-15 rifle such as an armorer’s vice, AR-15 combo tool, upper vice block clamp, Delta ring tool, torque wrench, maintenance mat, sight tools, etc….19 pieces in total.

AR-15 Armorers Professional tool kit

Armorer’s kits are not only for gunsmiths but also are useful when cleaning an AR-15 rifle thoroughly. The tools make it easy to disassemble any AR-15. Sight tools always come in handy. This is the Wheeler kit. I have used Wheeler products in the past and they are good quality. I have some Wheeler punches and torque wrench/screwdriver. This is an extensive armorer’s 19 piece kit. It has excellent rating online….4.5 stars out of 5 stars from over 150 customers. Take a look at it at Amazon.com 

Hoppes Boresnake Cleaning Kit

The Hoppes Boresnake cleaning kit contains everything you need to clean your rifle or handgun. You get a handy soft case with a rifle or pistol Boresnake, Hoppes No. 9 Solvent, Hoppes Lubricating Oil, Hoppes Weatherguard Cloths and a handy Boresnake pull handle.


This is a great field cleaning kit. It’s lightweight and very compact. The Boresnake is the ultimate gun barrel cleaner. It’s easy and fast…and effective. I REALLY like the Boresnake Pull Handle. This makes pulling a Boresnake through a barrel super easy and comfortable. I have been using a screwdriver to wrap the cord around and pull through the barrel. Because the Boresnake is a tight fit in gun barrels, it does take some effort to pull it through. The screwdriver gives you more leverage and a better grip. You can wrap the cord around your hand but it will squeeze your hand very light. It’s quite uncomfortable. The pull handle is awesome!

Buy the Hoppes Boresnake Cleaning Kit Here.