Real Avid Cable Gun Cleaning Kit

Cable gun cleaning kits have some advantages over rigid gun rod cleaning kits.

  • Can’t damage the bore
  • Easier to pull bore brushes and patches than to push them
  • Smaller footprint
  • Cheaper

Let’s take a look at the Real Avid ZipWire Gun Cleaning Kit. It’s similar to the well known Otis gun cleaning kits but uses a slightly different technology when it comes to patches and jag attachment.


Nice and simple kit….and organized. If you are interested in this gun cleaning kit, here is a link….Real Avid ZipWire Rifle Cleaning Kit at


Compact case fits anywhere.


Excellent nylon coated steel cable.


Brass bore brushes snap on to the flex cable instead of screwing…NICE


…quick connects and disconnects are great.


Cable with T-handle attached pulls easily through bore.


Here’s the real beauty of this system….patches are easily threaded in and removed on a special jag/slotted tip.


Pulling a bore brush through the bore keeps it centered and is much easier than pushing one.


…nice contoured T-Handle with non-slip texture.


Easily clean any type rifle from action to muzzle


…can’t harm the bore or muzzle crown.


Special patches are easy to insert and scrub the bore with the aide of the special jag tip.


Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Are you looking for one gun cleaning kit for all your guns?

…then take a look at the Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Universal Gun Cleaning Kit. (Here’s a link if you want to get one of these kits…Real Avid Gun Boss Pro at


Everything you need to clean handguns, rifles and shotguns.


Ergonomic multi-function rod handle and segmented brass cleaning rods make cleaning a gun bore safe and easy. The kickstand case is a great idea from Real Avid. It keeps everything organized and easy to access.

Let’s take a look at the pieces in this kit.


Multi-purpose ergo rod handle, patch jags for 7 calibers, slotted patch tips, bore mops, bronze bore brushes for 9 calibers, 3 piece brass gun cleaning rod and patches. Nice and simple. No fancy complicated tools that make gun cleaning difficult.


Ergonomic multi-purpose handle is very comfortable and doubles as a light hammer.


Brass rods screw into the multi-purpose handle in 2 different positions.


The multi-purpose handle makes a great hammer that will not scratch or dent anything.


The brass cleaning rods screw together precisely without much wiggle or play. Brass will not scratch your gun barrel either.


Here’s the end of the gun cleaning rod where the accessory tips are screwed into. The threads are tight with little slop or play.

S&W M&P TekMat & Black Readi Range Bag/Cleaning Kit

Here is a really nice range bag/gun cleaning kit bundle from Readi USA.

Pick up one of these range bag/gun cleaning kit combos here….S&W M&P Tekmat/Black Readi Range Bag/Gun Cleaning Kit combo at

S&W M&P TekMat & Black Readi Range Bag & Warrior 21pc Cleaning Kit

Here’s what you get in this bundle from Readi USA….

  • Readi USA Hard Stone High Vis Range Field & Duty Bag
    Color: Black Material: 600D Poly, Quality Zippers Holds Multiple Hand Guns – Dimensions: 16″ x 10″ x 11″. Multiple Pockets
  • Warrior 21 piece handgun/pistol cleaning kit for most caliber handguns
  • Two-piece 10″ brass rod with handle
  • 22, .357/.38/9mm, .44/.45 brushes
  • 22 and .38 caliber slotted tips and patches
  • .22, .38, .44 caliber swabs
  • Compact, zippered case holds cleaning tools, case size : 6.5″ x 7.5
  • Bonus S&W M&P TekMat with the world famous exploded view prevents chemicals and oils from damaging work surface. 11-inch X 17-Inch for handguns. Neoprene rubber backing polyester top surface won’t harm gun’s finish.
  • Bonus 5 piece brush & pick set – Aids in cleaning and clearing swollen jammed spent rounds.

S&W M&P TekMat

Here’s the neoprene tekmat. It’s a great place to clean handguns on.

S&W M&P Warrior 21pc Cleaning Kit

This is the 21 piece gun cleaning kit for handguns.


Otis .40 Cal Gun Cleaning Kit

The Otis .40 cal gun cleaning system is the ultimate in effective and compact cleaning kits. They are top quality and will last a lifetime. They are simply the best organized gun cleaning kits available. This kit is for .40 cal handguns and submachine guns (short barreled).

Otis 40 cal gun cleaning kit

Otis .40 Cal Gun Cleaning System

  • Effectively cleans .40 caliber pistols and submachine guns
  • Bore Safe Memory-flex cleaning rods
  • 100% cotton cleaning patches
  • Female rod handle
  • Soft pack carrying case
  • 12 and 20 inch Memory Flex cables for correct breech to muzzle cleaning
  • 40 caliber nylon and heavy duty bronze bore brushes included
  • Specialized precision tools for complete breakdown and cleaning of your firearm
  • Lightweight soft pack case with belt loop for convenient carrying

If you’re interested in this gun cleaning kit, here is a link to buy one online….Otis .40 Cal Gun Cleaning System at

Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit

Otis Technology offers some of the most advanced gun cleaning kits available. They’re ultra compact and very effective. Here is one of their finest…the Elite Gun Cleaning Kit.

Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit

The Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit is designed to clean and maintain all rifles, shotguns and pistols from .177 caliber air rifles up to .50 caliber BMG and 10 gauge shotguns. It includes over 200 pieces: Here’s what you get.

  • T-handle, large obstruction remover
  • small obstruction remover
  • shot gun brush adapter
  • small and large patch savers
  • .22 caliber slotted tip
  • .30 caliber slotted tip
  • shotgun slotted tip.
  • Otis Precision .22, .25, .27, .30, .35, .38, .41, .45 & .50 caliber bore and chamber brushes in protective tubes.
  • Otis Precision .410, .28, .20, .16 and .12 gauge brushes in protective tubes.
  • .177 and 22 caliber short brushes.
  • 100 all-caliber patches
  • 50 small-caliber patches
  • 36″ Memory-Flex Rod
  • 30″ Memory-Flex Rod
  • 34″ Memory-Flex Rod
  • 12″ Memory-Flex Rod and two 8″ Memory-Flex Rods.
  • NATO adapter for .22 chamber brush
  • threaded connector
  • bore reflector and chamber flag.
  • Otis Scraper and Punch Set.
  • Long receiver brush.
  • Two bottles of Otis Premium Bore Cleaner.
  • Soft belt case for in the field carry

It doesn’t get much better than this. If you want one gun cleaning kit to handle all of your guns then this is it. If you want to pick up one of these kits, here is a link…Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit at

FrogLube Complete Weapons Systems Care Pack

Here is a really handle little firearm care pack from FrogLube. I keep one in my range bag.

FrogLube Clamshell Pack System

Here’s what you get in this little maintenance pack…

  • 1 oz FrogLube Solvent
  • 1.5 oz FrogLube CLP in a squeeze tube
  • Nylon Utility Cleaning Brush

FrogLube CLP Features/Benefits

  • Non-Toxic USDA Bio-Preferred Weapons Cleaner
  • Lubricates all metal, polymer, wood parts
  • Absolutely no petroleum, oil or wax
  • Protects against rust, carbon and grit. Seasons into the metal pores and creates a barrier.
  • Perfect for Grab and Go
  • Non-Toxic, Non Flammable, Non Hazardous food-grade ingredients, safe; USDA approved as a Bio-Preferred Product
  • Heavy specific gravity allows seasoning into metal, eats rust and dissolves carbon

Grab one of these handy dandy maintenance kits here….FrogLube Complete Weapons System Care Pack at