Froglube System Kit

One great firearm maintenance kit happens to be the Froglube System Kit or better known as the Froglube Frogtube Kit.

The Froglube system kit includes Froglube CLP liquid, Froglube CLP paste, Froglube Solvent, application Q-Tips, a lint-free cleaning cloth and handy plastic screw case. This compact system kit makes it easy to take it anywhere because it’s small and takes up very little space. I keep one in my gun range bag and one in my car trunk. If you want o get one of these cleaning kits, here is a link…Froglube Frogtube Kit at

Hoppe’s Range Cleaning Kit

Have you every wanted to¬†clean your gun at the shooting range but didn’t want to haul all your gun cleaning stuff with you?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a special gun cleaning kit for the shooting range?

…one that keeps everything organized and away from the dust and dirt at the range?

Hello….Hoppe’s Range Cleaning Kit.( Get one at

Here’s what the Range Cleaning Kit includes.

  • Universal kit includes brushes, swabs, patches and tools
  • Advanced fold out cleaning mat for advanced cleaning and disassembly of firearms
  • Work surface is oil and solvent resistant
  • Magnet in upper corner to keep small parts contained

Here’s a Hoppe’s Demo video for the Range Cleaning Kit.