Best Gun Cleaning Gloves

So, what are the best gun cleaning gloves?

…and why should you you wear a pair of the best gun cleaning gloves?

You should be wearing some sort of hand protection/gloves when cleaning guns. Gun cleaners and solvents can harm your skin either from the harsh chemicals themselves or from the fact that they remove oil. Even the non-toxic gun cleaners will leave your hands very dry and scaly. Dry skin will become irritated and itch. You skin is naturally oily and is a sign of healthy skin. Overly drying out you skin will eventually damage it.

Most gun cleaners and solvents contain harsh chemicals that are hazardous and dangerous for humans. These chemicals can be absorbed through your skin and get into your body/blood stream and cause all sorts of problems not too mention carcinomas. The skin is the easiest way for toxic chemicals to get into the human body other than your lungs.

The best gun cleaning gloves are nitrile gloves that fit your hands well and are tear resistant. Nitrile is impervious to any type of gun gleaning or lubrication chemicals. Wearing gloves will prevent chemicals from coming in contact with your skin and prevent it from getting under your fingernails. Anything under your fingernails will stay in contact with your skin for long periods of time because it’s very hard to remove everything from under your nails. It’s best to prevent it.

Tear resistant gloves are a must because you don’t want to tear your gloves while handling gun parts that may be pointed or somewhat sharp. Plus, gun cleaning generally is a robust process that can tear ordinary latex or nitrile gloves while performing a rigorous cleaning. Gun cleaning is just a rough process, typically.

Here are my favorite gun cleaning gloves.

Venom Steel Nitrile Gun Cleaning Gloves.

Gun cleaning gloves

Venom Steel Nitrile Gun Cleaning Glove Features

  • Nitrile construction
  • 6 mil thickness
  • Tear resistant
  • 2 layer glove construction
  • Latex free
  • 70% thicker than most Nitrile gloves
  • Chemical and mechanical hand protection
  • Textured for non-slip grip

Get a box of 100 gloves here…Buy at

Nitrile Gloves – Protect Your Skin

Gun cleaners can take a toll on your skin, particularly on your hands, even non-toxic gun cleaners. Gun cleaners can contain toxic chemicals, so protect your skin with some sort of chemical resistant gloves like Nitrile. Non-toxic gun cleaners will remove the oil from your skin and make it dry. So always protect them

I like to wear Nitrile gloves whenever I’m cleaning my firearms. Nitrile gloves protect your skin from chemicals that can harm or dry out your skin. They’re really cheap too.

Nitrile Gloves

These fit really good and allow you to handle small delicate parts. Protect your skin…always. There are 100 gloves to a box. They are powder free and latex free. You can buy a box here….SafeTouch Nitrile Gloves at

Hoppe’s Lead B Gone Skin Cleansing Wipes

Here is a really fantastic product from Hoppe’s….Lead B Gone Skin Cleansing Wipes. Every shooter should use these.

Hoppes Lead B Gone Skin Cleaning Wipes

If you use soap and water after shooting, reloading or handling lead bullets, you’re only removing about 70% of metal contaminates from your skin. Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone Skin Cleansing Wipes will remove 99% (after a water rinse) of metal contaminates like lead, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, silver, mercury, zinc, chromium, copper and antimony. These metals are toxic.

*** Never touch your eyes, nose, mouth or food after shooting, reloading or handling ammo.

Gun Bore Mops

The first step in cleaning a gun barrel is to apply gun cleaner and let it sit. Well…what’s the best way to do this? Patch? Pour it down the barrel? Spray it on a bore brush?

Actually you can do any of these but to really apply a liberal amount of gun cleaner to every inch of the bore you need to use a Bore Mop.

Gun Bore Mops

A bore mop is a thick cotton mop the same diameter as the gun bore. You apply gun cleaner to the mop and then push it back and forth through the bore to really soak it. They work great because they hold A LOT of gun cleaner. They can saturate the bore easily. You can’t really do this with a patch. They also wipe the lose fouling out of the barrel.

Gun Cleaning Mat

Gun Cleaning Mat

A gun cleaning mat can make gun cleaning more organized and faster. There are many gun cleaning mats available from Tipton, Tekmat, Lyman, UTG, Glock, etc. Most are made from some sort of foam rubber material and provide a non-slip surface to layout your parts on. They all seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread but are they really?

I have used several different gun cleaning mats in the past but now only use a white cotton towel or t-shirt. Here the the reason…most gun cleaning mats are gray or black which is a somewhat dark color. Now think about the color of most gun parts….they’re black. It’s really hard to see small black gun parts laying on top of a dark gun cleaning mat. I also like a towel because it stops round parts from rolling around and getting lost on the floor. Towels are cheap too…like $6.00 at Walmart.

If you really want a gun cleaning mat, there are some that are not too dark like the Tipton Cleaning Mat and the Lyman Essential Gun Maintenance Mat. I have a Tipton Gun Cleaning Mat for rifles and like it because of it’s light color. You can buy gun cleaning mats here at

Lymna Gun Cleaning Mat

Lyman Essential Gun Maintenance Mat

Tipton Gun Cleaning Mat

Tipton Gun Cleaning Mat