Otis Bronze/Nylon AP Brush 9 Pack

All Purpose (AP) or Utility brushes are very handy to have when cleaning firearms. They have the ability to get grit, grime and fouling out of those hard to reach areas like muzzle brakes/flash hiders, gas piston heads, bolt faces, action recesses, handgun slides, etc. Utility or AP brushes come in 2 varieties…bronze and nylon. Which is better?

I use both bronze and nylon AP brushes. The nylon are softer and are used to remove light fouling or debris whereas the bronze brushes are better for hard to remove fouling and carbon buildup. Both are safe to use on firearms. I like to use the nylon brushes in the gas tube of my AK-47. It cleans it very nicely. But I use a bronze brush on the gas piston.

Otis Bronze and Nylon AP Brushes

Here’s a nice 9 pack from Otis. You get 3 blue¬†(extra stiff)¬†nylon, 3 white (soft) nylon and 3 bronze AP brushes. They are double ended so you can get into very small areas or scrub large surfaces easily. Here’s a link to get a pack of these….Otis 9 Pack of All Purpose Gun Cleaning Brushes from Amazon.com

Otis Nylon Double End Gun Brushes

Otis nylon gun brushes are handy to have around when it comes to gun cleaning. They are awesome for scrubbing bolts, inside receivers, trigger assemblies, gas pistons, Glock slides, magazine wells and magazines. They are effective at loosening dirt, fouling and debris without harming any part of a firearm. They really make gun cleaning easy and faster.

The only drawback to nylon brushes is they will not remove burned on carbon fouling like on the AK-47 gas piston. You have to use bronze brushes to remove this stubborn carbon buildup.

Otis nylon double end gun brushes

These are Otis Nylon brushes and they work great but you can get just about any name brand and they will work. Otis just happens to come in packs of 25 brushes.