Breakfree CLP Review -Tested

Breakfree CLP is a very well know product and the very first CLP or Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant. The military used Breakfree CLP for quite a while and it performed well in very hostile environments like hot deserts and humid jungles. If it worked for the military, it’s a “no brainer” for civilians. Using breakfree clp on my glock 22

Breakfree CLP Benefits

  • Excellent lubricant – per friction test and metal wear test
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection – 7 days of water spray and heat before rust appeared
  • Gun Cleaner – Glock barrel cleaned with only 3 patches

Breakfree CLP Properties:

  • Performs well in extreme temperature ranges (-65F to 475F)
  • Formulated from high quality polymerized synthetic oils
  • Special friction reducing additives
  • Anti-wear additives
  • Advanced boundary film protects treated surfaces from wear
  • High temperature and pressure exposure without deterioration
  • Lifts and displaces fouling from surfaces
  • Prevents corrosion on treated surfaces

Breakfree CLP is inexpensive and goes a long way. It’s also the #1 selling CLP on the market…You can get some here….Buy Breakfree CLP at

Cleaning Test – Glock 22

Glock barrel cleaned with breakfree clp

Here is the G22 barrel after 50 rounds of .40 S&W. It’s barely dirty. There is still a “shine” or “glossyness” to the bore. The BreakFree CLP is still present in the bore. It did not burn off like other CLP’s and gun oils. I then cleaned it to see how easily the fouling would come off.

dirty gun cleaning patches using breakfree clp

Here are 3 patches that were pushed through the G22 barrel with Breakfree CLP. No brushing or scrubbing whatsoever. The 3rd patch is pretty clean…and so is the barrel.

breakfree clp cleaned glock barrel

Here is the G22 barrel after only 3 patches and BreakFree CLP. Total cleaning time….5 minutes. Amazing!!!

7 Days Later – Corrosion Test

For 7 days the Breakfree CLP corrosion test plate has been out in the AZ desert elements with a water spray every other day. Here are the results.

You can that there is some rust starting. There are some very small spots of rust. Not bad after 7 days with water sprays every other day.

Conclusion: Breakfree CLP was able to protect a bare steel (not blued) bar from corrosion for 7 days while being sprayed with water every other day and enduring the desert climate. The temperature range was 65-108 degrees F. That’s pretty good protection considering this is an extreme corrosion test. Normally your guns would not get wet 4 times in one week and not get wiped off.