Best Rifle Cleaning Rod 2015

Best Rifle Cleaning Rod

So what is the best rifle cleaning rod available?

The best rifle cleaning rod is the Gunslick Pro Carbon Fiber rod. Gunslick Pro carbon fiber cleaning rods are strong, lightweight, straight and ergonomic. The soft and very comfortable handle features ball bearings for ease of rotation. The soft grip is the most comfortable cleaning rod grip that I have felt. And the prices are unbeatable. Gunslick Pro cleaning rods are top quality at an affordable price. Shop Gunslick Pro at

I only use Gunslick Pro carbon fiber cleaning rods because carbon fiber will not harm the bore of a gun. Carbon fiber does not pick up debris (sand, grit, etc) like aluminum rods can which can scratch the bore. Carbon fiber is super strong but will still flex under pressure. They are about half the weight of a steel rod but will last forever.

Tipton also makes nice carbon fiber rifle cleaning rods but they are a little more expensive and the handle is not quite as nice as Gunslick Pro. I have a Gunslick pistol cleaning rod and a rifle cleaning rod. I will not buy any other brand. Once you use a Gunslick Pro rifle cleaning rod, you will know why they are the best.