Best Gun Cleaning Cloths

The Best Gun Cleaning Cloths

I have quite a few readers ask me what’s the best gun cleaning cloth. So here goes my opinion.

When I talk about gun cleaning cloths, I do not mean gun cleaning patches. Patches are for the barrel bore and rags are for wiping down gun components like slides, bolts, exterior of barrels, receivers, triggers, magazines or clips, etc. Patches are just too small to use for this type cleaning. Rags are superior to patches because they pick up dust and lint much better.

I prefer a cotton lint-free cloth or rag to use when cleaning my guns. I don’t like pre-treated gun cleaning cloths that have silicone or some preservative in them. I like a simple cloth to use to wipe off carbon, dirt, grime, etc. I use T-shirts and socks when possible but when they are not available I use microfiber cloths from The Rag Company.

The Rag Company gun cleaning cloths are top quality and totally lint-free. What I really like about The Rag Company is that you can get any size cloth you want. They also have various colors like grey, white and black. I prefer the lighter colors so I can tell when it’s dirty. There are 20 cloth packs that have different sizes and colors and are very reasonably priced. Microfiber cloths are the best you can use. They pickup dirt and hold on to it like a magnet. They are also super soft and safe to use on plastic, metal, painted surface, etc. You can use them on your optics too without worrying about scratching anything. Just use a separate cloth for optics.

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best gun cleaning cloth

Another great option is The Classy Rag from Southern Bloomer. These rags are 100% cotton in 12×12 squares. These rags are the softest I’ve felt and they absorb liquids like a sponge. I love Southern Bloomer. Their patches are the absolute BEST. And costumer service is A++++

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