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Best Gun Oil for Shotguns 2017

I received several emails from readers asking, “What the best gun oil for shotguns?”

Shotguns are typically easier to lubricate well than rifles and handguns. Shotgun tolerances are bigger than most rifles and handguns making them easier to keep functioning smoothly. Shotgun powder is faster burning which tends to leave less un-burned powder in the barrel and action. Shotguns are much cleaner shooting than rifles and handguns. So lubrication is much easier.

OK…so let’s now talk about gun oils for shotguns. I think a slightly thinner oil works better on shotguns. Something like Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner with DynaGlide Plus and Remington Rem Oil. Thinner oils tend to penetrate and seep into hard to get to areas better than thicker oils and greases. I also like spray can applicators like the Hornady One Shot. It allows you to spray oil into hard to reach areas.

Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner with Dynaglide Plus is an Extremely slippery gun oil/cleaner. I’ve tested many oils and Hornady One Shot is at the top of the list. I also love the spray can type applicator. You can spray a light coat on shotgun bolts, triggers and the inside of the barrel easily. After you apply One Shot, it will evaporate and leave a super slick dry film (DynaGlide plus) behind. It’s a great product for lubrication.


Remington Rem Oil was a real surprise to me when I did a friction and a wear test with it. I did not expect much from it because it is very cheap and there wasn’t much hype about it like some of the other gun oils. There isn’t any real marketing “push” behind it. But anyway, Rem Oil is AWESOME! It’s very slippery and thin in viscosity. It will keep shotguns functioning smoothly and reduce wear. It comes in a small squirt bottle that is easy to apply to patches or bore snakes. And I do recommend using a bore snake to clean shotguns. It’s SO EASY. And FAST. Here is a link where you can buy gun oils like Hornady One Shot and Rem Oil at a discount….Gun Lubrication products at Amazon.com

Here’s the Hoppe’s Viper Borensake. It makes cleaning shotguns a piece of cake. Want to try a borensake? Here’s a link…Boresnakes at Amazon.com


Best Gun Oil for Long Term Storage

So what’s the best gun oil for long term storage?

If you’re planning on putting guns into storage for months or years, you’ll need to protect the metal from corrosion. If you look back in history, you’ll find that Cosmoline was used to protect military arms while in long term storage (years). It works really well but it is heavy like a grease. Grease is most likely the very best product for long term metal storage. Grease is heavy and stays put and will provide years of protection indoors and outdoors. Cosmoline has protected some small arms for over 50 years. It’s a great product.

Cosmoline is a military grade corrosion preventative that is used on small arms, machinery, military vehicles, etc. You spray it on any metal or wood surface. That’s it!

Cosmoline is the strongest, thickest, longest lasting and fastest drying rust preventive aerosol product available. One coat protects all metals, iron, steel, aluminum (stored indoors or outdoors) for years. It produces a dry-to-the-touch, amber translucent (see-through) wax coating. Cosmoline withstands severe outdoor exposure, salt-laden atmospheres, acid & caustic fumes and other damaging environments. It will not crack, craze, peel or flake and remains slightly flexible over time.

Cosmoline was chosen by the US military as THE corrosion protectant to use on all metal equipment that was to be stored or transported. If the US military thinks it’s the best solution for corrosion prevention then I’m sure it will work for your small arms too.

Here’s where you can get some Cosmoline….Cosmoline Heavy Rust Preventative Spray Can at Amazon.com

If you want something a little less “heavy duty” then try FrogLube CLP, Hornady One Shot or WD-40 Specialist. Here’s a link where you can buy these gun oils….Gun Lubricants at Amazon.com

Best Gun Oil for Glock 2017

I’m hearing lots of questions like “What’s the best gun oil for the Glock pistol?”

I currently only have 1 Glock but did have 3 (G17, G21, G22) at one time. I love Glocks!!

I’ve also used a ton of different gun cleaners and gun oils on my Glocks.

So what worked the best?

Here are the gun oils that performed above average and that I would recommend. These oils are very slippery and will reduce metal wear considerably.

  1. M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX
  2. Hoppe’s No 9 Synthetic Lubricating Oil
  3. Remington Rem Oil

I have to say that when I tested Rem Oil, I didn’t expect much. It’s been around for a long time and is very cheap. I was however, surprised at how slippery it is. It’s also very thin. But don’t let that make you think it doesn’t lubricate well. It is excellent.

I have performed several lubrication tests with these oils and they are quite impressive. I have also used them on my guns with total satisfaction. If you are interested in buying any of these gun oils, here is link….Gun Lubricants at Amazon.com


Hoppe’s No 9 Synthetic Blend Ultimate Bore Cleaner

I’m glad to see Hoppe’s has a non-flammable, biodegradable No 9 bore cleaner available….Hoppe’s No 9 Synthetic Blend Ultimate Bore Cleaner.

Let’s see if it works as well as the original Hoppe’s No 9 Bore Cleaner.

I’ll burn some smokeless powder on a metal bar and then see if Hoppe’s Ultimate Bore Cleaner can remove it easily…without brushing or scrubbing.

Let’s take a look at my gun cleaner test setup…

Here’s the Hoppe’s No 9 Synthetic Blend Ultimate Bore Cleaner. I wish it came in a bottle with a squirt tip instead of a wide mouth. Dipping bore brushes and patches into the bottle is not a best practice and you can’t pour with a wide mouth bottle without a mess.

This is my gun cleaner test setup…metal bar to simulate gun metal parts, H4831 Smokeless powder, lighter, cleaning patches and gun cleaner.

Hodgdon’s H4831 smokeless powder. It’s a slow burner so it’s pretty safe to experiment with in the open.

Here I’m cleaning the surface of the metal before the test. I wear nitrile gloves to protect my skin from the gun cleaner. Now i’ll add some powder to the metal bar.

Here’s the 1st powder charge. I’ll burn it and then add another charge and burn that. I burn 3 charges of powder in order to get a good build up and to get it to burn into the metal pores.

Here’s the first burn. I’ll skip to the final product to show you what the powder fouling looks like after 3 charges.

Here’s the mess. Now lets pour some Hoppe’s No 9 Synthetic Blend Ultimate Bore Cleaner and let it soak for 10 minutes.

I had to use a spoon to pour the cleaner onto the fouling. Pouring straight from the bottle would be too messy.

Here’s our fouling mess soaking. I’ll come back after 10 minutes and try to wipe it clean without scrubbing or brushing.

After 10 minutes, I used several clean patches and wiped across the fouling with very little pressure. Most of the fouling wiped off easily. The outside edges however did not but I think that was due to the fact that the outside edges did not get thoroughly soaked with cleaner.

The center section is spotless. Hoppe’s No 9 Synthetic Blend Ultimate Bore Cleaner is very effective and is non-flammable and biodegradable. It does not have a strong odor either. It you are interested in trying some, here is a link to buy it online….Hoppe’s No 9 Synthetic Blend Ultimate Bore Cleaner at Amazon.com


Best Gun Oil for Rust Prevention

A popular question on gun forums seems to be…

“What is the best gun oil for rust prevention?”

What I have found to be the best rust or corrosion preventative is not actually an oil but a CLP. I’ve used and tested many gun oils, gun CLP’s and gun solvents over the past 30 years. I put many gun oils and gun CLP’s through several corrosion tests. I used tool steel and plain water and salt water. The water exposure lasted many days in the Arizona heat. See this test here

Anyway here is the best gun oil or rather best gun CLP for rust prevention….

…FrogLube CLP


Froglube CLP out performed every gun oil and gun CLP on the market. Froglube penetrates the pores of metals to form a barrier that is both slippery and resistant to moisture, dirt, fouling, etc. FrogLube CLP is an AWESOME rust preventative and lubricant. Here’s a tip on applying FrogLube that makes it perform even better…

…apply FrogLube CLP on a warm or hot gun. This allows the CLP to penetrate even further into the metal. I used a heat gun to heat up the slide and barrel of my Glock 22 to about 120 degrees. I then applied a very liberal amount of FrogLube and let it soak in until the metal cooled off. Then I applied a lighter coat and then wiped off any excess. If you’re interested in trying some FrogLube CLP, here is a link to buy some online….FrogLube CLP at Amazon.com

Best Gun Cleaning Solvent for Glock Pistols

On the gun forums I see a lot of people asking, “What’s the best gun cleaning solvent for Glocks?”

The Glock pistol is an amazing firearm. I happen to own 3 Glocks…G17, G22 and a G21. They are extremely reliable BUT it is beneficial to keep them clean and lubricated. So what do I use? And why?

There are 2 gun cleaning solvents that I would consider to be the best for the Glock pistol.

  1. Mil-Comm MC25
  2. M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner


The reasons why these are the best (and I’ve tested them them many times) in my book is:

  1. They both remove fouling extremely well when they are allowed to soak for 10 minutes or so.
  2. They don’t evaporate like some solvents which allows them to soak into the powder residue and loosen it, so it’s easy to remove.
  3. Non-Toxic
  4. No Smell
  5. Clear color…won’t stain clothing etc.
  6. Inexpensive – under $20 for 8 oz bottle which will last a long time
  7. Made in USA
  8. Superb customer service

You can shop for these 2 gun cleaning solvents here….Gun Cleaning Solvents at Amazon.com

Best Cheap Gun Cleaning Solvent

What’s the best cheap gun cleaning solvent today?

I have bought and used a lot of gun cleaning solvents in the past 30 years…everything from Hoppe’s No 9 solvent to the new tech cleaners like Mil-Comm MC25 and Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner. I’ve bought some for $50 and as little as $5.

With such a competitive market, the prices have come down with several options being available for about the same price. There are 4 really good choices in the $17-$20 range for a 8 oz bottle and these are all non-toxic and environmentally safe. Here’s the run down and my cheap gun cleaning recommendations:

  1. Otis 012-AR Gun Cleaner – ~ $17.00 /8 oz bottle
  2. Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner – ~ $17.00 /8 oz bottle
  3. M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner – ~$18.00 /8 oz bottle
  4. Mil-Comm MC25 Gun Cleaner – ~$20.00 /8oz bottle

If you want to try one of these gun cleaners, here is a link to buy them online….Gun Solvents at Amazon.com



Best Weapon Cleaning Solvent 2017

So what’s the best weapon cleaning solvent in 2017?

I have a new favorite and it’s Mil-Comm MC25 Premium Weapon Cleaner.

I wrote a review on Mil-Comm MC25 Premium Weapon Cleaner and performed several cleaning tests (Mil-Comm MC25 Test) and it’s spectacular. Here’s why I chose Mil-Comm MC25 as the best weapon cleaning solvent for 2017.

  1. It’s non-toxic and totally safe for humans, pets and the environment
  2. It doesn’t smell
  3. It soaks into and under powder fouling making it easy to wipe clean
  4. Inexpensive
  5. Spray bottle makes applying solvent easy and doesn’t waste any product.
  6. Removes powder residue
  7. Removes other oils and preservatives and leaves surface squeaky clean
  8. Made is U.S.A.

Here’s how easy Mil-Comm MC25 Premium Weapon Cleaner is to use. Spray a liberal amount on gun action and barrel/bore. Let soak for 10 minutes. Now brush and patch with wet patches. Done. Want to try some Mil-Comm MC25?…here is a link…Mil-Comm MC25 Premium Weapon Cleaner at Amazon.com


Best Gun Cleaning Kit for 9mm

The best gun cleaning kit for the 9mm handgun is a toss up between 2 gun cleaning kits…the fantastic Otis Tactical Gun Cleaning System and the Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit, depending on if you prefer a rigid gun cleaning rod or the new technology flex cable. Both of these work extremely well and you can’t go wrong with either type.

Let’s take a look at the Otis Tactical Gun Cleaning system featuring the new technology flex cable.

Here’s what you get with the Otis Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit for the 9mm, 40 cal and 45 cal.

  • 8 inches, 30 inches and 34 inches memory-flex cables
  • 6 firearm specific bronze bore brushes (.177 – .50)
  • T-handle and obstruction removal tools
  • Lightweight soft pack case with pink accents and belt loop for convenient carrying
  • System versatile enough to handle every condition from .17 to .50 caliber
  • Lightweight soft pack case with belt loop for convenient carrying

The Otis Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit for the 9mm is the most compact and well organized with all top quality parts. You can stash this gun cleaning kit anywhere. Otis makes some of the very best products and their customer service is A+++++. I love Otis Technology!! If you are interested in this gun cleaning kit for your 9mm handgun, here is a link to check out the pricing….Otis Tactical Gun Cleaning System at Amazon.com

Now let’s look at the Real Avid Gun Boss handgun cleaning kit for the 9mm.

The Real Avid Gun Boss Gun Cleaning Kit for the 9mm is also compact and well organized. Here are the contents of this gun cleaning kit.

  • 2 section gun cleaning rod with swivel tip… connects to a T-handle and measures 9 inches
  • Handgun brushes and jags: .22, .357/.38/9 mm, .40, and .45 cal phosphor bronze bore brushes and red nylon jags
  • 2 durable black nylon slotted tips
  • 50 gun cleaning patches: 25 3” x 3” and 25 1.5” x 3”
  • Compact and weather resistant case makes this a noise free and transportable kit

The Real Avid Gun Boss handgun cleaning kit is a real bargain. If you want to pick one of these kits up, here is a link…Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Kits at Amazon.com

You may need gun cleaner and oil for both kits. I recommend Mil-Comm MC25, Otis 012 MSR/AR Gun Cleaner and M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner. You can buy these here…Gun Cleaners at Amazon.com